Francis Greenway High School

Successful Learners – Supportive Environment

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About our school

What can our school offer you?

Francis Greenway High School is about the individual child. We offer a broad curriculum with extensive opportunities outside the classroom that caters to the needs of each student. As a small school we know our students and their families so we are able to provide individualised support and form strong partnerships. 

Our Student Voice Team identify our school as being safe and inclusive where teachers know and care for them. A school of Successful Learners in a Supportive Environment.

Our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Commitment and Cooperation are known by our school community and underpin all that we undertake. 

Our staff are passionate about students achieving one year of academic growth for one year of learning. They work in a culture of self reflection with a growth mindset. They know their students and how they learn best.

In the proud tradition of the comprehensive high school this school, continues to offer students quality academic, sporting and cultural programs and opportunities within a supportive local context. Responsibility, respect and recognition reflect the ethos of collaboratively determined values and beliefs which now underpin the strategic direction and daily organisation of the school.

The maintenance of a challenging traditional curriculum coupled with strong support for and participation in vocational courses has ensured that students have access to relevant programs that are tailored to individual needs, while maintaining competitive academic rigor.

Challenged by changing societal values and behaviour, the school is working towards a welfare and discipline structure that recognises both the rights and needs of the individual as well as their corporate responsibility. This will ensure that Francis Greenway High School is able to provide an environment where people are happy to learn and work.

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