Francis Greenway High School

Successful Learners – Supportive Environment

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Community Hub

The Francis Greenway Community Hub provides a designated space in our school to enable services and programs to better support our students and their families. The programs currently in place include:

  • The Speech Pathology Program that provides students from Year 7-12 support with handwriting and the understanding of text. 
  • Word Facts and Math Facts to support students with literacy and numeracy.
  • Catholic Care and Samaritans who work with individual and groups of students 
  • Seasons for Growth- a grief and loss program
  • #Friends: Focuses on the development of respectful relationships for 11-14-year-olds. The program covers themes such as  communicating mindfully, respect in friendships,  responding to concerns as bystanders, seeking help and rights, responsibilities in relation to sharing sexualised images, emotional Intelligence, perceptions and negative thinking patterns and dealing with tough times (responding opposed to reacting).
  • Renegotiating Anger and Guilty Emotions (RAGE): Assists adolescence to navigate their way through hormonal changes, in particular feelings of anger and expressing this in a health and safe way. The Rage program also uses students strengths to assist them in developing coping strategies to deal with everyday adolescent life.