Francis Greenway High School

Successful Learners – Supportive Environment

Telephone02 4964 1282

Student Support Officer

Leia Atkinson is employed as a full time Student Support Officer (SSO). The SSO role is to support students and their families through their time at High School by:

  • working with individual and small groups of students to develop effective coping skills and positive relationships at school and at home.
  • developing and implementing anti-bullying initiatives with particular reference to cyber-bullying and social networking.
  • being actively involved in school community activities to promote positive relationships with staff and students.
  • encouraging and assisting in the transition process for students from primary to high school.
  • connecting students and families to outside organisations and community activities.
  • working with families in crisis.
  • promoting and educating students about health and wellbeing.
  • promoting school engagement.